mission-force-frontIt’s fair to say that we’re burrito addicts here at Gloo. Mission Burrito is just ten minutes’ walk from our office, and we end up in there at least once a week (we need plenty of fuel when we’re working so hard for our clients).

Mission’s marketing has always been quirky and fun — think colourful lucha libre posters — but we really like a series of postcards that appeared recently. First there was a Valentine’s Day postcard that read “I love you more than burritos (and I really like burritos)”, and now there’s a range of customer survey postcards, including this Star Wars-themed piece of brilliance.

OK, potential trademark infringement aside, it’s a great example of how to do a survey well: a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions, four questions (plus the text boxes) and a simple five-point scale from evil to super.

mission-force-backFifteen seconds to fill it in and Mission gets all the details it needs. The only thing missing is some kind of incentive for participating.


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