Goldman Sach’s investment in Facebook has received an amazing amount of press coverage. Extrapolating that investment gives a $50bn valuation, something that has got the media worked up into quite a frenzy. It’s a big number, but lots of internet companies have pretty amazing valuations.

Source: TheNextWeb

And when it comes to big numbers, 50,000,000,000 isn’t Facebook’s most impressive. Today information is power, and Facebook’s ‘social graph’ is truly staggering.

New websites integrated0741710,000
New users added848629,167700,000
Applications installed23113,889833,33320,000,000
Links shared83350,0003,000,00072,000,000
Minutes spent (mobile)83750,2283,013,69872,328,767
Photos tagged1,10366,1503,969,00095,256,000
Event invites sent1,23774,2004,452,000106,848,000
Wall posts made1,32379,3504,761,000114,264,000
Status updates added1,54392,5505,553,000133,272,000
Friend requests accepted1,64398,6005,916,000141,984,000
Users log in2,025121,5287291667175,000,000
Photos uploaded2,263135,8008,148,000195,552,000
Messages sent3,860231,60013,896,000333,504,000
Likes received6,381382,85022,971,000551,304,000
Comments left8,507510,40030,624,000734,976,000
Minutes spent (total)266,36215,981,735958,904,12523,013,699,000

So is Facebook worth $50bn? That you’ll have to decide for yourself or wait and see, but I’m sure that you won’t need reminding that back in 2005 the usually savvy (and always well-informed) media tycoon Rupert Murdoch spent $580m on myspace which at the time was the market leader in the nascent field of social networking.

Sources include Facebook and the BBC.

Posted by John on 4 January 2011