Picture the scene

We know what it’s like: a colleague in the marketing team, friendly salesperson, or well-meaning agency, drops a document on your desk for review. It could be anything from an advert or PowerPoint deck to an important proposal. You start to skim it and, oh dear, it’s missed the mark. The writing is all over the shop and the design? A five-year-old could do better. You’ve got a meeting to get to, so you haven’t got the time (or frankly the energy) to fix it. But you’re certainly not going to sign the draft off as it is.

Hmmm, tricky problem.

So what can you do?

There’s a simple answer to this depressingly frequent scenario: Gloo’s patented, tried-and-tested, Quick Review Labels. Each label flags up one of 30 of the most common problems we see in sales and marketing materialsboth style (clichéd imagery to cluttered layouts) and substance (seemingly interminable copy to incredible statistics). Simply stick the relevant label onto the offending draft and get it off your desk in record time!

Used the labels? Tell us! We’d love to hear any success storiesfunny or serious.

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Spot something we’ve missed? Let us know! Tell us what mistakes you see every day, and we’ll look at adding them to the list.

Credit where credit’s due

The inspiration for these labels came from having reviewed thousands of documents over the course of our careers, and Tom Scott’s wonderful Journalism Warning Labels.


We believe humour is incredibly valuable in the workplace, and we hope your colleagues and agencies will take our labels in the spirit of fun in which they were intended. But we can’t be held responsible for the consequencesit’s probably not a good career move to stick them all over your CEO’s hand-crafted presentation!

Posted by John on 16 September 2011