I can’t necessarily speak for the rest of the folks here at Gloo, but I’m a child of the 80s and I grew up with Top Trumps. Superhero powers, supercar top speeds… there was an irresistible allure to comparing numbers.

Nowadays, people in marketing have an obsession with doing the same about social networks. Facebook has 900 million members. LinkedIn has 150 million. Trumped! Obviously, in the real world these have even less value or meaning than the top speed of a supercarbut we still love to compare them. And so we decided that we’d create some Top Trumps for social networks.

Social media top trumps
Social media top trumps
Download the cut-out-and-keep PDF

OK, there may only be six of them, so if you actually tried to play it would be a pretty short game. But we’ve got paying work to be doing, so the idea of adding Orkut and Flickr and Tumblr and Sina Weibo and RenRen and the hundreds of other growing or dying networks started to become a little less appealing. And we think we’ve made our point.

In any case, enjoyand we hope to see you on App.net. Several Gloo staffers have paid up and joined this interesting new service.

Posted by John on 11 September 2012