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Have you ever been interviewed by a robot?

The idea behind this new robot is to attempt to remove any unconscious bias from interviews. But job interviews are scary enough, will they become easier or harder when you throw a robot into the mix?

HR is an industry that has readily adopted new technology to make employees’ lives easier, whether it’s having chatbots to discuss harassment anonymously or automating the onboarding process. While this robot may not become a permanent feature of all HR teams, we’re hopeful that the fact it exists will make recruiters more mindful that they shouldn’t judge on first impressions.

Know what each emoji means? Yes, but would you swear to that in court?

Emojis, we all love them and they’ve become a routine part of our daily language. We text them to each other, we share them on social media and we react using them on Slack. They provide a fun way of sharing our emotions succinctly and visually. But there’s a lot of room for interpretation. I’ll admit, I was a little slow to pick up some of the “hidden” meanings of emojisfor me an aubergine was just that, it’s something quite different for others.

That might seem like an innocent misunderstanding that doesn’t really affect any one. But now emojis are turning up as evidence in increasing numbers of court cases, when they’re so open to interpretation how can a jury take them into consideration? This article doesn’t have all the answers, but it presents a good case for why we need to be giving emojis more recognition for the status they hold in the way we communicate today.

Good ad campaign or good PR?

You may have seen the controversial “snowflake” campaign from the British Armyit received quite a bit of negative press for stereotyping its target audience. Whether you were a fan of the campaign or not, the numbers suggest the tactic worked. The British Army has revealed that the first quarter of 2019 is on track to be the busiest three-month period since recruitment outsourcing company Capita took over the contract seven years ago.

Was it an excellent campaign that spoke to millennials, or was it a case of controversy generating publicity? In this case, it seems like the old adage is true: all publicity is good publicity.

Posted by John on 25 March 2019