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7 June 2017Blogs

We’re sticking with Gloo

I’m Grace, HR Specialist at Gloo. It’s my job to manage the recruitment process and check up on how our new joiners are doing. Today I’m talking to Holly and Sophie, two of our recent recruits. Grace So, how have your...

9 January 2017Viewpoints

Data, data everywhere

Marmite. While some people love it, many people can’t stand the stuff, and avoid it wherever possible. It’s a bit like that with numbers. Show the average Joe in the street an Excel pivot table and he’ll turn and run...

28 December 2016Blogs

Is AI about to replace HR?

I’ve noticed that AI has been cropping up in almost every HR blog that I follow. If you had an endlessly patient virtual HR person that could answer dozens, even thousands, of queries at the same time; 24 hours a day; and probably in...

23 December 2016Blogs

Seven suggestions for using social media

Everybody wants to engage with their customers, and social is the place to do it. But in trying to be active on social media, many brands end up coming across as tone-deaf or desperate—particularly in B2B. Here are our seven tips...

27 November 2016Blogs

Gloo: just my cup of tea

I first took an interest in Gloo because the job description was witty and compelling, and the company was based right in the centre of Reading. So I stalked their Instagram and website and I liked what I saw. It had character and I...

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