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who are we?

We’re marketing veterans, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been worn down into conformity. In fact, we take a refreshingly different approach. People who have worked with us before comment on the creativity of our ideas and the honesty of our advice. Our creativity isn’t limited to stylish design — we pride ourselves on coming up with novel solutions to even the most intractable of problems. And when we think something won’t work, we’ll say so.

We’re all about providing good value and producing great results — not the clever-sounding methodologies, fancy diagrams, or exorbitant rates you might have seen from other agencies. We’ve been in your shoes and we know the pressure you’re under to get results. So we go the extra mile to help you meet your deadlines and exceed your targets.

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Our company values speak volumes; not only about Gloo but about everyone who works here. We’re a creative bunch with deep commercial understanding and a professional edge. We value teamwork, and commitment to understanding the challenges that our clients face and being part of their team too. These four values are central to how we engage with clients, how we reward our employees and why our business is such a success.



We have high standards — how we behave and communicate is very important. It shows our clients, and potential clients, that they can trust us to take their projects as seriously as they do. 


Producing great work isn’t enough, we provide great service too. We strive to develop a strong rapport with our clients: we appreciate the challenges they face and help overcome them.


Creating great content is more than a job to us, it’s something that we take pride in. We set exceptionally high standards for all the work that we produce, be it verbal, written or visual.


Teamwork is key to the success of any project. We’re a close-knit team that works together with one aim — to make sure we produce the best results for our clients and help them make their business shine.

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