Is AI about to replace HR?

I’ve noticed that AI has been cropping up in almost every HR blog that I follow. If you had an endlessly patient virtual HR person that could answer dozens, even thousands, of queries at the same time; 24 hours a day; and probably in various languages. Who will need real HR people?

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What marketers should learn from cybercriminals

We're not saying marketers should turn to crime to get the quarterly sales figures up... but we can all learn from the sophistication and effort that today's spearphishing scams demonstrate, and apply similar skills when creating campaigns.

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How to get more from your subject-matter expert interviews

Everyone's talking about content marketing and thought leadership. That will require ideas and insight from product managers, strategists, analysts and consultants that live and breathe the topics you're covering. After many years conducting interviews on every technology topic under the sun, we've refined our approach to get great results. Here are some tips.

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Doing bid docs right

For most big B2B companies, all marketing work leads up to one final hurdle: the bid. Proposals are therefore perhaps the most important thing to get right, yet all too often their creation and delivery is left to the last minute and handled outside of the oversight of the marketing function, and as a result they can fail to live up to the standards you’ve worked so hard to build. Here are three ways to make your bids work harder.

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Four key ingredients for successful collateral

After years of producing documents of all shapes and sizes, we think there are basically four primary ingredients that every good piece includes. Because everyone in marketing loves a good mnemonic, we’ve called them the “4 Ss”.

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Let’s be honest about thought leadership

The term ‘thought leadership’ is too widely used. But what to do when you have a lead generation campaign for something that isn't truly ground-breaking? We think there are ways you can deliver powerful messages without resorting to claims your audience will soon see through.

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Worth repeating: marketing is everything you do

It's old wisdom that marketing is everything you do, from the way you invoice to the way you answer the phone. All too often the service experience you get as a customer is a big let-down from advertising's lofty promises. But it seems that First Direct lives its USP.

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Time for a new taxonomy of infographics?

We’ve had quite a few people comment on how they agreed with our post on how the term white paper is misleading. The same could be said about “infographics”. The term is so broad as to be meaningless. Here's our attempt at a three-part classification of the different types of static infographics.

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I’m starting to hate “infographics”

The hyper-popularity of infographics will probably wane fairly soon, but they’ll no doubt linger on for quite a while. Let’s do everybody a favour and make the infographics that we produce accurate and informative. Here are three of the most common pitfalls to look out for.

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How well do you know your marketing prospects?

It’s not a trick question. Even in the most niche industry, you won’t know all your prospects on a personal level. But there is a lot to be gained from spending time thinking about your target audience for B2B marketing to understand their personal needs, drivers and motivators.

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Is your content customer-safe?

We produce all kinds of content for our clients, from whitepapers and brochures to presentations and apps. Most of it is aimed at end customers, but a lot is designed for internal use only. The stuff that’s aimed at potential buyers is, naturally, called “customer facing”. But what does that make the rest?

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How to get the most out of your agency

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, some offering a broad range of integrated services and some focusing on a particular specialism. As an in-house marketer, you may therefore find yourself working with more than one supplier to bring together all the support that you need.

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Why let bad customer service undermine your marketing?

During a recent office move, we had a chance to see first-hand some pretty terrible customer service from some well-known online companies. In fact, in some cases the service was so bad that it led us to question whether they’ve focused so much on their online promotions that they’ve completely forgotten how to treat customers. Here are three lessons for how to make sure your service reinforces your marketing and generates positive word of mouth.

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What do job applicants and marketers have in common?

We've just gone through a round of recruitment. In just a couple of weeks after posting our advert on a popular job site, we received well over 100 applications. Some were good, but many of them made pretty basic errors — errors that we also see marketers make when communicating with their customers. So we've identified some basic lessons worth remembering next time you come to write a sales letter, draft a presentation... or indeed apply for a job.

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Don’t rush your product naming

Your product's name is critically important. It's what your customer sees first. It's what they order. It's what they recommend to their friends. It's what they search for on the internet. It's what they click on every day. Surely you want it to set a good impression? Yet product naming, in the business-to-business world, doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. While commentators around the world wax lyrical about the hidden meaning of "the new iPad" versus "iPad 3", few people seem to care that much what the latest consulting service or ERP package gets called.

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What’s a marketing agency blog for?

Like you, we’re interested in return on investment in marketing. Especially because we’re a service business, and every hour we waste is an hour we can’t get back. So as we sit down to write a new post, when we’ve got plenty of paying work to be doing instead, we find ourselves asking: is a blog the best way we can be marketing our business? What’s the value in it for our readers, and for us?

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Of elephants and invisible gorillas

For many years we've loved the phrase "the elephant in the room". It's a striking metaphor that captures the idea of something important looming in the background that everyone sees, but nobody mentions. When clients bring us in on projects, we often spot an elephant or two looming in the background. We think that it's part of our job to ask about them for the good of the project. What do you think?

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One year on — our tips for choosing an agency

In Gloo's first year we've won and kept some brilliant clients, lost a couple, and seen plenty of other agencies at work, too. Now's the time for us to share the inside scoop: how to tell a good agency from bad, and find one that'll be a great partner for you for years to come.

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When did annoying people become a good idea?

There are a bunch of new online advertising techniques that quite frankly bother us. If you have to work that hard to get your message in front of readers — if you have to shout that loudly — you're not going to make the best impression on the poor consumer. It's the online equivalent of slashing a prospect's car tyres to stop them leaving the store: you get their attention, but they're not exactly going to be receptive to your pitch.

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Big data: opportunity or headache?

There's never been so much information available to help guide marketing decisions. Your customers generate exabytes of data about their needs, wants and views each year. Using that data to its fullest is difficult — challenges include security and privacy, shortages of specialist skills, and pitfalls in interpreting patterns and trends. But it's the only way to get ahead. Here's our primer on the issues (and potential benefits) involved.

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