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14/10/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

It's been a cold week at Gloo HQ, but that didn't stop our heated chats about IoT devices, smart kitchen gadgets and the power of adjectives.
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16/09/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

How do you feel about facial recognition? We delve into the UK public's opinion, and why Alexa is so popular among the elderly.
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09/09/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

This week we discuss new ads from Channel 4 and Facebook, as well as the latest technology updates from McDonald's.
What if AI really did replace copywriters?

What if AI really did replace copywriters?

We've seen a lot of stories about copywriters being replaced by AI, so we thought we'd test out the theory with some of our everyday challenges.
The Deepfake epidemic

The Deepfake epidemic

New technology is making it easier than ever for anybody to create fake images, videos and news.
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19/08/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

This week we look at Google's new Chrome extension trying to improve security and new gender stereotyping regulations in ads.
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12/08/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

It's an AI special this week: We discussed AI in healthcare, AI in pubs and even AI that isn't really AI at all.
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22/07/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

It was another hot week at Gloo HQ! But that didn't stop us from seeing one of the best ads of the year and discussing those new smart nappies.
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Let’s talk: Caitlin and Katie talk B2B Ignite

Caitlin and Katie from the Gloo content team discuss their thoughts on B2B Marketing Ignite 2019.
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Key takeaways from B2B Ignite

Here's what we took away from the recent B2B Marketing Ignite 2019 conference in London.
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8/07/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

It was a hot week at Gloo HQ, but we kept our cool by talking through topics ranging from FaceTime to China.
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If we can’t make unbiased decisions, should we let AI make them for us?

Do you struggle to make decisions? It's something we all do, but luckily AI could be set to do it for us—what could go wrong?
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01/07/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

This week we've been discussing the various uses of AI from helping the elderly to tackling climate change. And is Chrome spying on us?
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5 reasons why you need primary research

A lot of companies are reluctant to commission primary research—here's 5 reasons we think it could massively benefit your brand.

Now that’s what you call influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a challenge—how do brand know which celebs to team up with? Luckily Heinz had one approach them.
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17/06/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

Over the past week we've been discussing chatbots, amphibious vehicles and Spielberg's new horror series coming direct to Quibi.
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10/06/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

Over the past week we've been discussing our cashless society, Walmart's new delivery service and how technology is helping diagnose Parkinson's disease.
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How to get more value from talking head videos

Recently, our clients have been asking for more and more video content. Here's our top tips for getting the most value from this type of content.
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03/06/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

5G is here, but is it everything we hoped for? We discuss in this week's roundup, along with some great ad designs and stories of fraudsters.
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Can cheaters prosper?

The North Face manipulated its way to the top of Google—here's our take on the stunt.
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27/05/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

It was all about faces this week, from the latest updates on Amazon's facial recognition technology to animating the Mona Lisa.
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Your password isn’t strong enough: Part two

Part two of our password series tackles the challenge of what we should be doing to improve password security.
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20/05/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

From facial recognition technology to the rise of dark kitchens, here's what got Gloo HQ talking this week.
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Data versus journalism

Find out what we learned when we saw events hosted by Ola Rosling, Thomas Friedman and Steven Pinker last month.
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Your password isn’t strong enough: Part one

In the first part in our series on passwords we bust some of the biggest myths surrounding this key area of security.
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GDPR: One year on, what’s changed?

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since the EU's GDPR was introduced. We take a look at what's changed for marketers.
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13/05/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

From streaming wars to mobile banking and everything else in between, here's what Gloo HQ was discussing this week.

Lighthouse manufacturers

Don't have time to read a full McKinsey report? Check out our summaries. This time we look at the report "Lighthouse manufacturers lead the way—can the rest of the world keep up?"
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How we give back

We believe in CSR and giving back to our community. That's why we don't just donate our money, but our time and resources too.
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23/04/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

It may have been a four-day week, but the team at Gloo HQ still found plenty to talk about.
Notre Dame

How technology could help rebuild Notre-Dame

The Notre-Dame fire this week was shocking to watch, but thanks to technology there could be hope for it being rebuilt to its former glory.
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Why robots aren’t writing our blogs… yet

Machine-generated copy is becoming widespread—but here's why copywriters don't need to worry about being replaced. At least not yet.
Girl lying down using a laptop

Strategy or excuse? Lush ditches social

Lush is stepping away from its social channels in the UK. Is this a really strategy to improve customer experience or just an excuse to relax their marketing?
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Why curiosity is essential for a marketing agency

As children we questioned everything. Here's why that same curiosity is beneficial to your content marketing agency.
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08/04/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

This week it was all about cybersecurity at Gloo HQ. A number of data breaches in the news got our conversational juices flowing.
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What does cybersecurity mean for marketers?

We've been writing about cybersecurity for years. But there's always more to learn, so I asked our resident specialist all about it.
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Can a voice be truly genderless?

What do Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have in common? They’re all virtual assistants designed to serve us—and they’re all voiced by women. Could Q be about to change that?
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01/04/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

This week we've been discussing the latest ad starring Hollywood hunk Tom Hiddleston, the surprising new signing by Warner Music and the UK's growing trust in AI over politicians.
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25/03/19: What got Gloo HQ talking

This week we've been discussing the many interpretations of emojis, robots in HR and the merits of good PR.
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AR posters: latest fad or marketing revolution?

Filmmakers have always looked to new technology to attract new audiences. The marketing teams are now catching on—could AR posters be the next big thing?
Man drawing a graph line

How to bring your data to life

Data doesn't have to be boring. But it can be hard knowing the best way to share that data. We can help.
You can do it woman, lady with handkerchief in hair tensing biceps

Why body positivity starts with advertising

It’s promising to see so many brands reconsidering the way they represent women in their advertising.
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What got Gloo HQ talking and sharing this week

It was all about 5G, MWC and IoT beehives at Gloo HQ this week. Find out why these topics sparked our interest.
Hands holding a folding phone

Time to fold? Should you go all in?

The folding phones have finally been revealed—but are they matching up to our expectations?
Hand holding a fist full of cash

Is a cashless society right for everyone?

I probably couldn't even tell you when I last used cash. But not everyone is in favour of the cashless society.
Stop sign with a hand in the centre

Evading the adblockers

It may have a buzzword for a name, but Adblockalypse is here and it's causing problems for marketers.
Artist's palette and brush

Why B2B design is special

Marketing for a B2B audience is different to a B2C—here's why we think it's so special from a design perspective.

Taking stock of photography choices

Stock photography is incredibly useful for marketing—but there is definitely room for improvement.
Scales with one pebble at one end and four at the other

Big or small? Marketing across the business scale

Marketing isn't the same across the board. Here's what I learned when I went from a big company to Gloo.
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How to get more from your subject-matter expert interviews

Conducting an interview for a piece of content marketing? Here's how to get the most out of your interviewee.
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How to apply for a job at Gloo

Fancy working with us? Here's our top tips on how to apply for your next position. And even if we're not your cup of tea, the advice is universal.
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Doing bid docs right

Most B2B companies will have to, eventually, create a bid document. Luckily, we're experts at it. Here are our top tips for creating the best document.
Man deep in thought stood next to a globe

When you’re looking for examples, think global

It's easy to look for examples close to home. Hit your readers with something new and look globally for future examples.
Number four

Four key ingredients for successful collateral

In our experience, we've found there are four primary ingredients that every good piece of collateral needs. We call them the “4 Ss”.
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How well do you know your marketing prospects?

Here's why creating an in-depth profile of your customers is so important to help create more effective marketing content.
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eBay Now has got us excited

eBay Now is one of the most exciting pieces of marketing and commercial news we’ve read about in a long time.
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What do job applicants and marketers have in common?

Applying for jobs is tough, and so is marketing. Turns out the two can learn a lot from each other.
Woman working on a laptop

What’s a marketing agency blog for?

Like you, we’re interested in ROI in marketing. So as we sit down to write a new post, we ask ourselves: what’s the value in it for our readers, and for us?
Of elephants and invisible gorillas

Of elephants and invisible gorillas

Sometimes all it takes to fix a problem is a fresh pair of eyes.
Arrow drawing a spiral

Netflix u-turns on Qwikster

As Netflix announces its u-turn on the Qwikster split, we ponder the problems and what we can learn from its mistakes.
Number 1

One year on—our tips for choosing an agency

We've been in business for a whole year—here's the things we've learned that might help you select your next agency.
Alarm clock

Timing is the thing, it’s true

Just like in comedy, timing is everything. Here are four tips to help you nail yours.
Coffee from a pot being poured into a mug

Lead generation is a mug’s game

Conventional wisdom still tells you to buy large lists and send out direct mail. But with DM budgets dropping, is it the best way?
Man sitting with his head in his hands

How to be a complete and utter failure

We all like to read — and write — about success stories. But you can learn just as much from looking at what businesses do wrong.
Backpacker with a map

Writing copy? Pack light

Writing copy is a lot like packing for a holiday. You only have a limited amount of space, so how do you decide what goes in?
Hand holding a single key

What car hire can tell us about customer loyalty

You can learn all about customer loyalty in the most surprising of places—as a recent car hire experience taught me.
Man buttoning up his suit jacket

Behind every suit is a person

When you're marketing to businesses it's easy to forget that you're still talking to individual people. We've all done it.
Man's head with a lightbulb inside

Thank you Royal Mail for encouraging intelligent marketing

A price increase from Royal Mail is going to encourage marketers to change their habits and adopt more intelligent methods.
Daisy flowers

Building a channel? Take it steady

When you're a small business it can be tempting to grow as quickly as you can—but that might not always be the best tactic.
Outdoor billboard

What inertia means for online advertising

How have your ad budgets shifted over the past couple of years? When do you still advertise in newspapers and magazines?
Man shouting into a megaphone

Truth in advertising

David Mitchell's latest column in the Observer can teach us all a thing or two about marketing.