What We Do


If you’re looking for a label, you could call us a content marketing agency. But we like to think that we’re a little different to most, both in what we do and how we work. We put quality first. It’s an approach that our clients value.

We Understand Your Business

We don’t believe an agency can do a good job marketing breakfast cereal one day and an airline the next. To us, quality comes from knowledge. We specialise exclusively in B2B, and principally in the IT, telecoms and finance sectors. We’ve got real depth of knowledge in today’s most important topics, such as big data, security, M2M/IoT, cloud, social and mobility.

Who do we work for?

We’d love to shout about our client list, but we take our confidentiality agreements seriously. That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve built great relationships with the kinds of multi-billion-dollar market leaders that many agencies would kill to work for.

Just as importantly, we have experience writing for the kinds of industries that companies like yours target — like retail, healthcare, public sector, and automotive — and the different roles you’re trying to reach, whether it’s the CFO, CMO or the CDO.

So if you’re looking to show how your company can help OEMs adapt to the rise of the connected car, how retailers can leverage IoT and big data, or why CFOs should consider cash pooling, we’re the people to call.

If you want to find out more and see samples of our work, get in touch. And don’t worry if you’re not a multi-billion-dollar company, we were just showing off. We don’t discriminate on size or heritage, only on whether we think we can help.


Gloo are the first people I turn to for copywriting and content. They’ve produced great material for a range of projects, from high-level keynotes for major events to tactical campaigns where speed is critical. Whatever the job, I can rely on Gloo 100% because they know my industry, the technologies and our brand inside-out. They are one of the team and can be trusted to deliver every time.

CMO Europe


“Working with Gloo is a pleasure. They are always incredibly well researched and well prepared and have made it a priority to become subject matter experts in our industry, to get to know our business and to gain a clear understanding of the objectives we want to reach. Their detailed and meticulous approach combined with their creative skills and professional attitude make them a great partner. Crucially, Gloo are flexible, responsive and always deliver on time. I would fully recommend their services.”

Chief Editor and Content Manager

Gloo is the kind of creative agency that exists to make your life incredibly easy. I’ve worked with the team for nearly 5 years and have found them to be so exceedingly proactive that the need for detailed briefs is now almost redundant. They've spent a great deal of time researching and understanding our business, customers and messaging, such that they're now considered almost a part of our team. The quality of the work is exemplary. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gloo to any company looking for creative support.

Marketing manager

There is no question that Gloo is my "go to" agency, I know that when we work together I will always be happy with results. It's refreshing to be able to have such a level of trust and openness as I do with Gloo. Not only do they understand my business, they understand my specific requirements and the results I'm trying to achieve. Gloo has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality time after time, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and the work they do—in fact I regularly do!

Strategic Marketing Programs Manager


We specialise in quality thought leadership

We specialise in thought leadership: the long research white papers that other agencies struggle with. We’re not shy of creating a 50+ page report, nor of handling the spreadsheets full of data that go along with them. We don’t need hand-holding and we’re good value for money.

Because we understand the core messages that you’re trying to get out to the market, we have a headstart on the infographics, presentations, brochures and other campaign collateral that you need creating. And because we understand your business and your customers, we can help you create more effective product collateral, bid responses, and internal materials to provide sales support and executive briefings.

We have in-house research, writing and design skills, so we can support you from initial content strategy and consulting, through writing and editing copy, to designing the diagrams, icons and illustrations for the final document, infographic or other deliverable.

We like to be upfront about the things we don’t do. If your primary need is for application development, live video or audio, formal primary research, PR, SEO, translation or web design, there are probably more appropriate suppliers out there. We’re easy-going, and happy to work with other agencies or internal teams any way you like.


Why We're Different


We hope our overall approach comes through in every word we write. For more on what sets us apart and why you should choose to work with us, see our blog: what’s our USP?

If you’d like to know more about any of our services,
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