I can’t remember the last time I used cashor even entered my PIN number, thanks to contactless. And I’m so reliant on Apple Pay that I don’t even think about looking in my bag for my purse when at a checkout. But not everyone is so lucky.

We’ve written many blogs and papers about the benefits of cashless societiesone of our clients is at the forefront of this movement in the Nordics. The UK itself is on track to become a cashless society in the next 15 years. A decade ago, six out of every ten transactions were made with cash. Today, it’s just three in ten. For many of us, this movement away from cash is more convenient and fits in with our connected, modern livesI certainly have no qualms about leaving cash behind.

As someone that doesn’t really think about cash, I never truly considered how reliant other people can be on it. So, I was surprised to see an article from Which? about just that. They shared data from the Access to Cash report, which found that 47% of Brits would find living without cash problematic17% believe it would be impossible. Without access to cash, many risk increased debt, financial abuse or threats to their personal independence. Not everyone has access to the internet to be able to sign up for online banking, and with record numbers of ATMs closing the options are becoming ever more limited.

That’s why Which? is launching the campaign: Freedom to pay. This campaign isn’t about restricting cashless technology, it’s about making sure that multiple options are available, so we all have the freedom to make our own choice. Whether you choose to pay with your phone, by chip and PIN or with cash, the choice is yoursand that choice should be here to stay.

Which? have done an excellent job with their marketing for this campaign and are seeing some great traction across social media. Their video stories have been particularly eye-openingsee Gem’s story below. They certainly got all of us talking about the topic in the office.

Posted by Katie on 28 February 2019