Mission’s marketing has always been quirky and funthink colourful lucha libre postersbut we really like a series of postcards that appeared recently. First there was a Valentine’s Day postcard that read “I love you more than burritos (and I really like burritos)”, and now there’s a range of customer survey postcards, including this Star Wars-themed piece of brilliance.

It’s fair to say that we’re burrito addicts here at Gloo. Mission Burrito is just ten minutes’ walk from our office, and we end up in there at least once a week (we need plenty of fuel when we’re working so hard for our clients).

OK, potential trademark infringement aside, it’s a great example of how to do a survey well: a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions, four questions (plus the text boxes) and a simple five-point scale from evil to super.

Mission Burrito customer satisfaction survey

Posted by John on 26 February 2013