We love creating content. Doing that well means consuming lots and lots of content. We share all the best stuff internally using Slack, and now we’re sharing the things that got the biggest reactions in the Gloo office with you in this digest.

It’s only crazy until you do it

February wasn’t a great month for Nikeits Back to the Future style self-lacing shoes suffered an embarrassing failure and the collapse of a shoe during a televised college basketball match lead to $1.2 billion being wiped off its market cap. But amidst all that, it launched this powerful advert. There are no fancy effects, no whizzy graphics, just a strong idea, well-written-copy and great footage of women doing their thing. The messaging is on point and we’re sure it’s going to do great on social media. We particularly like how they’ve adapted their “just do it” tag line. We’re all for anything that encourages equality, inclusivity and following your dreams, well done Nike.

5G will be huge, but not just yet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot about 5G over the last few weeks. Despite the fact 5G isn’t expected to become mainstream until the mid 2020s, we’ve been writing a lot about it for a while now: its increased security, use of virtualisation and support for the growing variety of devices. In fact, its main uses won’t be the consumer handsets we all carry around. This report from the GSMA paints a much more realistic picture of adoption and use: 5G will account for [just] 15% of global mobile market by 2025. But as with any new technology, it can be hard to separate the initial hype from the reality.

MWC: Men’s World Congress?

We keep up to date with all the latest tech trends and so events like MWC (really Mobile World Congress) are a must follow for us. Along with all the stories of folding phones, IoT and the wonders of 5G, this one from the BBC got us talking in the office. Representation and diversity are something we’re passionate about, but can often be overlooked by the tech world. So, it’s refreshing to see a big news outlet drawing attention to these important issues: Why is the MWC tech show full of men?

AI and IoT creating a buzz

We love to find stories of innovation happening outside of places like Silicon Valley. That’s why we liked this article about a Nigerian start-up transforming beekeeping. It’s using AI and IoT to monitor hives to create optimal conditions and encourage the bees to stick around. Bees aren’t just essential to pollinate crops, their honey is also a sought after productit could generate $10 billion in Nigeria alone.

Posted by Katie on 4 March 2019