Children want to know everything. Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Where do babies come from? Before you’ve had the chance to answer one question, they’ve got another. It’s an insatiable curiosityand a great content marketing agency has the same insatiability, especially if they’re writing about tech.

It’s a fast moving and constantly innovative industryevery week new products set to improve or change the way we do things are launched. It’s not just the products that are new, you also need to find new and interesting ways to talk about them. That’s why you need an agency with the curiosity to question the status quoone that can offer a fresh perspective that helps your message stand out from the rest.

Compelling content can only come from curiosity

A good content marketing agency gets to know, and understand, your company. It will meet with the top people and talent in your organisation and conduct interviews designed to extract the right information. Those conversations are then moulded into interesting content that your target market might, or might not, read.

A great content marketing agency becomes a subject matter expert in your fielddedicating time and energy to researching and understanding your industry, as well as your company’s products and ideas. It adds something to the conversation and creates content customers want to readcontent that makes customers wonder why they hadn’t thought of something like that before.

Substance before style

Fancy infographics and witty copy may grab your customer’s attentionbut if you’re saying nothing new, you won’t keep it. How many times have you begun reading an article and found yourself turning the page or clicking back because it’s discussing the same old AirBnB and Uber examples? You read about that last year. And the year before that. Your customers are the same. How is current innovation helping them solve problems? What products can they use to make their business more efficient? You need to be an industry expert that demonstrates current knowledgeyou can’t do that with examples from two, three or five years ago.

That’s why you need a marketing agency with copywriters and designers who never lost their childhood curiosity. They aren’t sitting around waiting for the next big news release to fall into their inbox. They’re reading newspapers, checking tech websites and routinely speaking to experts. When they see a headline about medicine, they read more because they’re wondering what technology is behind it. They’re constantly asking questions because your message should be a new and exciting story every time. It should be something your customers can relate to.

A story-telling agency

Gloo is a marketing agency telling new and interesting stories about the tech industry. We’re fascinated by the latest technology and things it’s enabling. Take how blockchain is enabling companies to trace the authenticity of products and transactions; and how digital twins allow companies to create virtual replicas of their operating systems so they can investigate faults and test new processes without disrupting their daily tasks. And we can’t wait to see how 5G is going to make a difference to both connectivity and security.

If you need us to write long and informative reports that detail your expertise, we can do that. But like children, we much prefer stories. Rather than just report, we like to delve deeper and find the narrativeafter all stories help sell your products and services better. Stories help you demonstrate empathy and understanding for your customer’s problems in a way that’s real and relatable. What’s more, you’re engaging them in the solutions you’re offeringkeeping their interest throughout the lifecycle of the buying process and onwards. Tell a good story and you’ll generateand maintaina continued interest in the things your company is doing and saying.

If you’re interested in telling a new or different story, contact us and find out how we can help you.

Posted by John on 11 April 2019