If you’re interested in marketing-related things, and the fact that you’re reading this blog suggests that you are, I think that you’ll find David Mitchell’s column in today’s Observer very funny. In it he suggests alternative slogans for many well-known companies/brands. My favourite is:

Cancer Research UK: “Don’t think of this as chucking your money away altruistically, like with Amnesty. Face it, you’re never going to go to North Korea but, with your diet, bowel cancer is a very real possibility.”

Unfortunately I can’t see any of the companies concerned calling him up this afternoon to buy the rights, but I do think that a bit less spin in Marketing would be a good thing. Recently I saw a new product launch for a product that scans your email for Spam and other things before it gets to your premises. Sounds good. It also sounded good when I first saw it about ten years ago. So what’s new about it? The name. Like so many new IT products at the moment it was deemed essential to have the word “Cloud” in the name. We’re being swamped by “Cloud” this and “as a Service” that. The technology is really exciting, but just jumping on the bandwagon doesn’t help anybody. This is part of the reason why so many people find the market confusing and as a result are putting off making an investment.

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Posted by John on 8 August 2010